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When you absolutely need an effective and low-cost armor solution, our armor solutions are up to 92.4% Lighter weight and 72.1% Lower Cost than our major competitors. Still, they consistently outperform anything you compare it against. GNTMCO can offer ballistic armor for the vehicles, buildings, walls, glass, and just about anything you can imagine as well as personal protective soft body armor. Customers have a choice as to the threat level they desire to protect themselves both in glass and non-glass barriers. GNTMCO’s vehicle armor has a unique glass that is lighter and thinner than other standard ballistic glass available on the market.

Personal Protection

The world’s most lightweight, flexible and highly-effective ballistic protection.

  • Protective Gear for Law Enforcement, Military Personnel, and Security Forces
  • Customizable options for MEN and WOMEN
  • Ballistic Threat Levels IIIA to III.
  • Comfortable and Concealable
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Building Armor

Great for police buildings, government buildings, schools, federal buildings, security companies, county buildings, warehouses and others.

  • Ballistic resistant Glass: UL752 rating levels 1 through level 8
  • Structural Armored Wall Panels
  • Armored Building Doors
  • SPECIALTY and CUSTOM Armor Available
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Vehicle Armor

STANDARD & COMPREHENSIVE Vehicle Armor Solutions.Unsurpassed Quick Installation.

  • Ballistic Resistant Glass: UL752 rating levels 1 through level 8
  • Thin enough to allow Level IIA ballistic window to roll up & down.
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Personal Protection Products

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Browse our catalog to see the latest products and features that your organization might benefit from to protect the lives of your personnel. We’ve included specs for each and every product so that you know the limits of our products.


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