Standard Armor Protection

Standard Armor Protection

Standard Armor Protection

Level IIIA to III++

• 2 armored car door panels
• 2 armored car door windows
• 1 armored windshield insert

Comprehensive Vehicle Armoring

Comprehensive Vehicle Armoring

Comprehensive Vehicle Armoring

Includes Standard Armor Protection

• Armoring available for vans, trucks, transports, and more
• Can add if needed run flat tires for additional security.




• Ballistic glass
• Tested to stop 40 cal, 9 mm, and 45 cal
• We armor all standard industry preferred vehicles
• Multiple threat levels including handgun and rifle available
• Made in the USA




• Level IIIA protection up to .44 mag
• Special threat protection
• Higher threat level protection available
• Made in the USA

State Of The Art Features

Lightweight & Powerful

We offer Lightweight, affordable, handgun door panel armor protection for police and security vehicles. Our level IIIA standard vehicle armor will stop all standard handguns from 38 special to 44 magnum. Unlike many metal armored doors which can weigh up to 350 lbs., we only add 9-15 lbs. of weight per door. Our armor can easily handle multiple shots. Our IIIA standard armor is thin enough that it still allows the Shield Glass to function in the door.

Extensive DocumentationStreamlined Installation

Installation for our armor has been streamlined for most vehicles. We remove the door panel and the window from the vehicle. An adhesive is applied to the inside of the outer door panel. The armor that was custom made for that door is then inserted through the cavity where the window was removed and then worked into the door around all the door obstacles. The armor is then applied to the adhesive on the outdoor panel. The Shield Glass is inserted where the
OEM glass was originally.

Made For Any Vehicle.

We can retrofit basically any vehicle with our Level IIIA standard vehicle panel armor. Our vehicle panel armor and Shield Glass products are custom fit for each make, model and year. We then make our template of that vehicle. Once we have the pattern for that make, model and year, we can mass produce them. We then have the option to install the armor and glass at our location or at any GNTMCO authorized installers or we can train fleet managers to install our armor.

Vehicle Burglary Protection

We specialize in creating vehicle armor solutions for our law enforcement community. Because of the way we build our vehicle armor panels, we can manufacture each armored door panel and armored Shield Glass window right here in our plant and ship it out to a certified installer near you.

NIJ & UL752 standards

Our armored door panels have been tested to the NIJ IIIA standards. (Note: only body armor can have the official designation of NIJ certifications). Each door panel is custom made to fit that make, model and year of vehicle. We don’t just make a postage stamp armor to fit in the middle of the door, we fit the armor to cover the maximum amount of space available, thus giving the maximum amount of protection.
Armored Shield Glass windows have been tested by 3rd party testing labs to UL752 rating level 6. Our UL752 level 6 Shield Glass is thin enough that it can still function in the door and roll up and down. We found this to be a benefit to our law enforcement community and security vehicles. Many of the officers that have wanted ballistic protection, have expressed that they need to have the functionality of the window to help them do their jobs better – we complied!

Complete Security Solutions

Have an idea concerning a custom need for electronic security? Call us and ask. We have a master electronic experts that can probably figure out how to make it work. The only way to find out is give us a call with your idea.

Manufactured in USA

GNTM Soft Armor & Nano tube technology is USA Based and We manufacture all parts of our vehicle armor right here in the USA.

Clear Glass Armor

Our ballistic clear glass armor is called Shield Glass. Our most popular Shield Glass can be manufactured to meet multiple handgun threat levels. Our thinnest Shield Glass is thin enough to still roll up and down in the door yet will stop multiple rounds of 9 mm and 45 cal rounds. All of our Shield Glass products are rated for multi-shot and made to fit into whatever make, year and model of vehicle you choose.

Stop Bullets One Way – But Penetrates the Other Way

Our handgun Shield Glass is specifically designed to stop bullet rounds from the outside yet allow the driver the ability to shoot toward the outside and penetrate with deadly force.

Handgun Rated Functional Shield Glass

Our thinner level II glass will handle multiple shots from a 9 mm and 45 cal handgun with ease and still have full functionality to move up and down in the door.

Larger Caliber Guns

Other Shield Glass products can be manufactured to handle rounds rated at level IIIA up to III++. (Note: These larger caliber glass products are stationary and will not function in the door like our handgun rated glass.

Armored Windshield.

We want to make sure that our officers are protected from every direction including the windshield and back windows.

Custom Armored Security Vehicles

Complete armored solutions available. Whether you have a custom fit for law enforcement, private security, cash-in-transit, banking needs, assets-in-transit, security for cash and product transportation, or other high security risk transportation needs. We can offer you a complete custom armored solution to fit your needs. We also can add safes, alarms, lights, keyless entry, biometrics, remote start and stop systems, exterior sensors, customer security containers, and more. We can add to the features you want. Ask us more about our electronic security services. If you need a specific solution give us a call.

Smash and Grab Window Protection

With vehicle burglaries on the rise, there is a great need to add additional protection to windows. This can be done with our smash resistant film added to each window. The protective film is installed on the inside of the window using our patented process.

When the film is applied to the window it makes the window very difficult to break. When the glass does break, the film holds the pieces together in a way that does not allow it to separate.

This creates a barrier that is difficult to penetrate with objects such as rocks, hammers, bricks, nail-sets and more. This delay the barrier creates, usually is long enough to make the criminal nervous and not want to stick around very long.

Automotive Protection in the Line of Fire IDEAS.

Electronic Protection & Accessories

We have electronic specialists that can do most any type of electronic needs. Here are a few that other customers have included in their security vehicles:

• Vehicle camera’s exterior & Interior
• Antenna (satellite/cell) cradle (installed router)
• OBD2 – satellite (GPS and real time vehicle monitoring)
• Alarms – with remote call by phone and/or 2 way communications
• Backup monitors (whole system monitors)
• Keyless entries (single or multiple)
• Biometrics systems (starting, door locks and more)
• Magnetic hidden locks
• Strobe lights
• Emergency lights
• Car audio
• Two way radio – communications (HAM radio & antenna)
• Proximity sensors
• Remote shut-off (kill switch)
• Control center software
• Body-worn cameras linked to vehicle router
• Extra battery
• Battery isolator

Other Vehicle Options and Accessories

We have electronic specialists that can do most any type of electronic needs. Here are a few that other customers have included in their security vehicles:

• Additional and redundant door locks
• Lockdown actuators
• Shelves
• Installed safe and other equipment
• Concealed/secret compartments
• Secured compartments
• Gas cap lock
• Smash and Grab window protection on all non-armored windows

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