The Dawn of a New Day in Ballistic Protection

A Passion for Protection

Our company is all about Protection. We know that the freedoms we now enjoy are because of the brave men and women who have committed to protect us. We feel it is our sacred duty to protect these individuals who protect our freedoms. We have dedicated all of our resources to help them do their jobs better.


GNTMCO DEFENSE is a Utah-based company offering a unique combination of armored products that spans across multiple platforms including: automotive armor, building armor and personal protection equipment armor. We have a small business, family-oriented culture which allows us to interact personally with our customers and their needs. Our attention to our customers also allows us to stay ahead of our competition by always being in the innovation mode and quickly bringing needed products to market. We value our employees as friends. We value and care deeply about the lives of those our products protect, and feel it is our sacred duty to always build the best and safest product(s) that we are able.


We aspire to become the premier global armor solution and protective products company. Protecting heroes is our duty and passion. Our core values include:

  • Exemplary quality and service
  • Innovative armor and protective solutions
  • Competitive prices
  • Unparalleled reliability
  • International outlook

We want GNTMCO to be name organizations think of when they need protection. We want to be known around the globe as a one stop shop for the best

Look Through Our Catalog


Browse our catalog to see the latest products and features that your organization might benefit from to protect the lives of your personnel. We’ve included specs for each and every product so that you know the limits of our products.